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New Delhi: The most malignant of diseases can be cured through his yogic postures, Baba Ramdev claimed. But his forey into politics to cleanse the system has got him into a tangle with the Congress. The party demanded that Ramdev make public details of his properties and enlit sources of income.

"He must understand that we are as much against the black money as he claims to be. My only request to him is that he should be fair, he should not be partisan," said Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh.

Ramdev to enter politics; Cong, BJP worried

The Congress says Baba Ramdev should make details of his assets public.


"We have not taken an inch of land from the Government," said Ramdev.

Ramdev under the aegis of his Patanjali Peeth has been running yoga camps across the country and abroad. He has his own following, which he now wants to convert into a political party, expected to be announced later this year.

When last year Baba made his intent to public to launch a political a outfit, he got the BJP worried. The saffron outfit fears that he would eat into its traditional urban middle class vote bank, but ironically, the party has come for his rescue.

"They (the Congress) are trying to run away from the black money debate," said BJP leader Venkaih Naidu.

Elections to Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand assemblies will be held early next year and Ramdev is planning to use his network in the two states to kickstart his political campaign. But politics, unlike Yogic asanas, requires posturing and practice of an entirely different kind.

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